12VDC 8A Rack Mount 1RU PS With 2A Fuses

Model Number : PR816P2-4
Product Code : 10615

QVS’s PR816 range is an efficient and reliable power supply that will give you good performance and power. The outer casing is robust and built to 1RU height rack mount to maximise your rack mount space. Each output has a self resetting thermal fuse to avoid current overload. Power input is via a standard three pin “IEC” type connector.The unit also uses a high efficiency toroidel transformer for low heat dissipation even at high loads to keep the connection cooler when used over long periods. Output connectors are screw terminals, eliminating the need to have a mating plug which so often are misplaced.

▶ 16 ports
▶ AC120V/230V to 24VAC /0.5A (Max) output. Or 12VDC
▶ Each port output current is 2A with a (Max Draw) of 8A in total.
▶ Built in “no fuse breaker” to avoid current overload
▶ Built in PTC (positive temperature coefficient)