Model Number : RFDL-11
Product Code : 19742

RADION TriTech uses artificial intelligence to detect motion and provide immunity to false alarms caused by pets or animals. An integral RF transmitter reports low battery and tamper status, and sends a supervisory signal to the control panel.

Signal Processing

RADION TriTech motion detector with Pet Immunity uses both passive infrared and microwave Doppler radar technologies to provide outstanding catch performance and false alarm immunity. Alarm signals must trigger both technologies and meet the signal processing algorithm's strict requirements to generate an alarm.

PIR Signal Processing

Motion Analyzer II uses multiple thresholds and timing windows to analyze timing, amplitude, duration, and polarity of signals to make an alarm decision. The detectors tolerate extreme levels of heat and light from heaters and air conditioners, hot and cold drafts, sunlight, lightning, and moving headlights. There are three sensitivity settings.


  • 11 m x 11 m (35 ft x 35 ft) coverage
  • Pet Immunity up to 45 kg (100 lb)
  • Includes battery life extension feature
  • Draft and Insect immune
  • Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, and removal from mounting surface tamper conditions.