FLIR ioi 2.1MP Full HD 1080p Analytic IP Camera Flir

Model Number : CF-5222-00
Product Code : 19955

Enjoy the benefits of FLIR HD broadcast-quality IP camera technology together with industry-leading, military-grade analytics from ioi. Together they’re better.

Delivering low bandwidth and predictable storage, FLIR’s HD 1080p and 720p cameras deliver pristine picture quality in outdoor and low-light conditions resulting in cost savings in installation and power consumption.

The ioi HD camera line offers high-sensitivity 2.1MP Full HD 1080p and 1.3MP, HD 720p resolutions with WDR and integrated high-end analytic performance.

The ioi HD CF-5222 and CF-5212 cameras are FLIR’s first cameras to offer state-of-the-art ioi analytics capable of dealing with the most extreme lighting conditions in surveillance applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced false alarm rates for people standing upright – For applications that don’t require sophisticated detection of camouflaged or crawling intruders, system detects only people standing upright
  • True WDR (multi-exposure) – Superior quality under diverse lighting conditions at low bandwidth lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increased detection distance – Fewer cameras required to cover same area
  • Integrated web setup – Easy, intuitive setup of the camera and analytic behavior
  • Supports relay events triggered by analytics – integrates with any relay device, e.g. activate a siren or turn on lights for ONVIF events in other VMS platforms
  • Solo setup – Fast, easy setup by one person reduces installation time and manpower requirements
  • PoE – Single cable infrastructure enables both network and powering capabilities
  • ONVIF Profile S Compliant – Integration with other VMS platforms