DVTEL’s Latitude, Horizon and Meridian VMS Networks will include Cyber Defense under New IP-mmune Technologies

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., April 8, 2015 — DVTEL, INC., the video surveillance solutions provider, is responding to one of the biggest concerns in the IP video industry today, and probably the greatest danger for corporate IT networks — the threats of exploitation of cyber vulnerability. The company’s cyber defense strategy, incorporated in its new IP-mmune VMS Cyber-Defense suite, is a multi-layered protection approach, designed to ensure DVTEL video surveillance solutions are sealing IT corporate grids from cyber penetrability through IP video networks.

DVTEL’s cyber defense strategy is to protect critical customer data and assets from unauthorized or malicious IT threats. The company’s IP-mmune suite is designed to proactively identify potential IT threats at any point of vulnerability, and prevent them from creating damage.

The transition from analog to IP has exposed the security industry to the risks IT departments have faced for years. Recently, the video network and surveillance cameras have been used as an entry point to funnel malware. As more customers deploy comprehensive IP security solutions that incorporate multiple edge devices and platforms, it becomes more critical to ensure end-to-end IT security throughout the physical security network.

The DVTEL IP-mmune suite incorporates a multifaceted cyber defense approach based on its “SID” IT security methodology (Search, Identify and Destroy, as needed) to counter cyber threats. IP-mmune effectively protects cameras, VMS servers, client workstations and other surveillance devices. By analyzing each component of a system, DVTEL can help video surveillance users and their corporate environment to identify vulnerabilities before a breach occurs, ensuring corporate assets and adjacent IT networks are protected.

The IP-mmune suite prevents a wide range of cyber threats, including spoofing, man-in-the-middle schemes, session hijacking, data theft and tampering, denial-of-service attacks, sniffers, port exploitation and password guessing. DVTEL is committed to protecting customer assets and security data, without minimal effect on system performance and advanced surveillance capabilities. At the same time, the company’s system integration partners realize significant benefit because DVTEL is taking the initiative to ensure cyber risks are managed and, therefore, installer risk is minimized.

“Cyber defense will become a major concern for end users and integrators alike,” said Yoav Stern, President and CEO, DVTEL. “This should be kept in perspective. It was not a risk, but rather the expected and planned for operating environment in various IT industry segments years ago. Today’s surveillance devices are, in essence, small computers, and they are vulnerable to malware just like any other IP/IT device. Our cyber defense strategy utilizes sophisticated long-proven technologies from the IT world, adopted and leveraged to be even more efficient and effective for surveillance systems. We shall even be able to effectuate the management and maintenance of cyber defense on DVTEL systems remotely to ensure the highest level of security.”

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Source: http://www.dvtel.com/