August 01, 2017

FLIR is proud to release the next major update to the United VMS family. This United VMS 8.0 major release, available for Latitude, Horizon and Meridian, includes significant new features and benefits for our customers. The release meets new industry trends in technology, adds specific features requested by our customer base, and handles known issues from older versions. The version includes: • Improved Cyber Security with edge device integration • Supports secured connections (TLS) between archiver and cameras o Camera password policy – allows users to change default password of one or more cameras from the VMS. • Apply security policy by blocking unsecured cameras • Enhanced Global Administration • Major improvements in administration of multi-system deployments • Automatic management of users across multiple directories o Supports central administration of multiple systems in the same organization • Installation and upgrade improvements • Backward compatibility- New architecture eases upgrades and allows client & server updates without interruptions to live viewing • Improved automation of installation and updates, for greater efficiency and reliability • Improved video quality and network bandwidth of EZ Client • Supports H.264 for Proxy with EZ Client web interface functionality • Simplified discovery process • Intuitively assign cameras to Archivers upon discovery • Provides unified plugin for all FLIR cameras • Analytic setup of FC-ID from Admin Center • Configure FC-ID analytic rules directly from the VMS. There is no need to open the camera web page anymore. • Enhanced License Management • New Licensing Server provides flexibility & security for integrators & end-users o More flexible & robust administration of licenses • Performance Upgrades, improved Robustness and Bug Fixes • Improved handling of video streams on Client machines • Better user control over Event handling • Elimination of known memory problems after long system uptime sessions o Improvements in ONVIF implementation • Additional Edge Devices • Several new FLIR and OEM device integrations.