NUUO Crystal Enterprise 16 CH Camera Licenses

Model Number : CT-CAM-ENT-16
Product Code : 18300

Crystal is the product that represents the next stage in VMS evolution. Rock solid, easily manageable, with powerful recording and viewing options available. Featuring revolutionary modular system structure that is made to handle large project size, Crystal is the ideal choice for your enterprise. Featuring technology that focuses on delivering stable video recording performance, recording failover, and 3rd party integration choice, you will be impressed with the stability and flexible options with crystal.

▶ Centralized management of unlimited devices and events
▶ Linux based system
▶ Records up to 64 megapixel cameras per recording server
▶ High throughput (250~550Mbps)
▶ supporting up to 64 channels of 5-Megapixel cameras
▶ Recording failover (Ultimate, v2.1 and later)
▶ Metadata Server for 3rd party integration - POS, Access Control
▶ Supports over 2000 camera models from more than 80 brands,
▶ RTSP video stream