QVS 7" Indoor Monitor AND POWER SUPPLY

Model Number : QVS-LCC-7IM1
Product Code : 13014

This single or multi-door video intercom system has both intelligent looks and design. It can be used as a single entrance system or optionally connected for multi-door* use. The base station is white and has a 7” flat screen display. The system only requires a 4 core cable to connect to all units. Max cable distance of 70 metres makes it easy to install. On activation the LEDs around the outdoor unit illuminate. The unlock time is set by the users finger on the unlock button on the base station. Functions include contrast, brightness, ring volume adjustments, call talking and door lock release buttons.The outdoor unit’s normally open dry contact can be used to activate a lock. Default talk time is 2 minutes (max). The unit has a pre-made fly lead for connections.

▶ Colour screen
▶ Hands Free Talking
▶ Door Releasing Monitoring
▶ Extension Call Transferring
▶ Surface Mounted
▶ Comes with the T1512-21G power supply